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Leesa offers 4 mattress models, from their budget-friendly Leesa Studio to their luxurious Leesa Legend.

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Leesa Mattress Review


Leesa is a leading mattress brand that launched in 2015. The sleep company started with just one product, the Leesa Original, but now offers four unique models. This includes a budget model, two-hybrid mattresses, and of course, the classic Leesa Original.

Leesa has a policy of donating one mattress for every ten sold. As of 2020, the company has donated more than thirty-six thousand mattresses to those in need.

Up to $500 OFF + 2 Free Pillows
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Leesa Original

The Leesa Original is an all-foam mattress and the first of Leesa’s products.

  • The Support Layer: The Leesa Original begins from the bottom-up with a firm, base layer made of durable polyfoam. It’s a standard, reliable base layer.
  • The Recovery Layer: This intermediate layer is comprised of premium quality memory foam, providing users with much-needed pressure relief, especially for the hips, back, and shoulders. The foam also offers contouring support, to keep you comfortable during sleep.
  • The Comfort Layer: This top layer consists of responsive memory foam with just the right amount of bounce. It’s soft and easy to sink into, but it doesn’t make you feel trapped inside the foam either. Leesa uses proprietary LSA200 foam in its comfort layer, which breathes better than conventional memory foam to keep you cool overnight.

Leesa Hybrid

The Leesa Hybrid is the brand’s first hybrid model, coming in at 11 inches tall. It’s a carefully-designed combination of soft memory foam and supportive coils. Here’s how it stacks up:

  • The Base Layer: This is a thin layer of highly dense polyfoam. Its primary role is to provide the springs with a durable surface to rest and bounce on.
  • Quick Responsive Layer (Support): The support layer is 6 inches of pure pocketed coils, offering sleepers exceptional levels of support and keeping individuals from sinking into the mattress. The 1000+ coils are individually packaged, which minimizes motion transfer. This is great because if you’re lying in bed with your partner, then their movements won’t disturb you.
  • Transition Layer: This is another thin layer of poly foam. It helps the sleeper transition from the soft foams on the top layers to the sturdy coils.
  • The Memory Foam Recovery Layer: The recovery layer is 1.5 inches of slow response memory foam, which contours to your body’s shape and leaves room for sinkage.
  • The Comfort Layer: The comfort layer rests at the top of the mattress and consists of 1.5 inches of premium memory foam. The foam is quite responsive to your body and is hole-punched to increase breathability. It’s also soft and relaxing, and swiftly relieves pressure from your hips and shoulders.

The Leesa Legend

The Leesa Legend is the brand’s most luxurious mattress and is a product of 2 years of development. Its construction is similar to the Leesa Hybrid, except the Legend has its own exclusive relief layer. This layer is comprised of tiny micro-pocket springs that provide point-pressure relief. The relief layer is especially beneficial for side and back sleepers because it takes the pressure off your shoulders and hips while you sleep.

As for the rest of its construction, the Leesa Legend mirrors the Leesa Hybrid. The special Relief layer is tucked between the Quick Responsive and Recovery layers. Together, the Relief and Quick Responsive layers form what Leesa calls the dual pocket spring system.

The Studio

The Studio is Leesa’s attempt to produce a high-quality mattress at a very affordable price, and they’ve done a pretty good job at it. It’s composed of three layers, which include:

  • A 1.5-inch top Comfort layer with contouring, responsive memory foam.
  • A 1.5-inch transition foam layer.
  • A durable, 7-inch support layer.

It’s 10 inches high and is considered medium-firm overall.


Each Leesa mattress comes with a different cover. Here’s what each model sports:

The Leesa Original comes with a grey seamless cover that is soft and beautifully crafted. It also breathes nicely and prevents a build-up of body heat.

The Leesa Hybrid boasts a white and grey quilted cover, composed of a polyester and Lycra blend. It’s both stretchy and super soft.

The Leesa Legend’s cover is just as high-quality as you’d expect for their most premium mattress. Made from a combination of Merino Wool, fiber, and cotton, the cover is hypoallergenic and encourages smooth airflow.

The Leesa Studio comes with the same signature cover as the Original, with the exception of an innovative color scheme of heather-blue with stripes.

Up to $500 OFF + 2 Free Pillows
Visit Leesa site


Leesa produces premium quality, durable mattresses that last for years and suit all types of sleepers. What’s really special about the brand is that they manage to fit their quality mattresses, including the dual pocket spring Legend model, inside a box, and ship them directly to your doorstep!

Nowadays, millennials in particular concern themselves with whether brands are giving back or not. Eco-friendliness and social outreach means a lot to the general public, and that’s where Leesa shines. The brand prioritizes eco-friendliness, and actively works towards having a positive social impact.

Leesa is a well-rounded brand that’s acutely aware of what sleepers want. The newer products certainly showcase the brand’s innovation. For example, when they developed the high-quality Legend model, Leesa prioritized eco-friendliness. Leesa claims to use recycled plastic bottles in this mattress model, with a queen size mattress being made with approximately 60 recycled bottles. And when they realized that sleepers need a more affordable option, then the Studio was introduced.

You can try Leesa’s mattresses out risk-free thanks to their 100-day trial. If you’re unhappy with their product during the trial period, then you can return it without any hassle, for free!

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