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DreamCloud offers luxury hybrid mattresses, made from premium memory foam and pocketed microcoils. It features a unique, soft cashmere blend cover and the Premier includes a plush Euro Top.

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DreamCloud Mattress Review


DremaCloud offers two luxury mattress models: the DreamCloud and the DreamCloud Premier. The DreamCloud mattress is a luxury hybrid mattress comprised of memory foam, advanced coil technology, and a hand-crafted cashmere cover. The Premier is a taller, 6-layer hybrid mattress also featuring a cashmere cover and Euro top.

If you’re wondering how DreamCloud is able to sell high-quality mattresses for so much less than the competition, they’ve got an answer for you. They were able to cut prices by removing middlemen such as distributors and retailers, so by selling it directly to you, they are able to offer great value for your money.

Both the Dreamcloud and the Dreamcloud Premier are great options for those seeking a luxury mattress but at a lower price point.

Sale: $200 OFF + 3 FREE Gifts!
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DreamCloud’s design for their mattresses is clearly a work of art. This Premier mattress is one of the tallest we had met, standing at 15 inches. The height definitely gives a premium feel. DreamCloud’s original mattress stands at 14 inches tall.

  • Cashmere Cover: Super soft cashmere-blend cover top. A cashmere cover is included with both the original and Premier models.
  • TRUELOFT Cradling Euro Top: This quilted Euro Top, exclusive to the Premier, provides a cradling sensation.
  • Pressure-Activated High-Density GelMemory Foam: Gel-infused foam at the top, which is where it should be, due to its cooling properties. You want the coolness as close as it gets to your body. You’ll find this layer in both DreamCloud models.
  • Low-Motion Transfer Supportive Foam: This layer gives extra deep support to your body in the DreamCloud and Premier mattresses.
  • Coil Layer: In both the DreamCloud and the DreamCloud Premier, you’ll experience the stability of edge-to-edge individually encased coils. The individually wrapped coils also contribute to this mattress’ motion isolation, making it ideal for couples.
  • Stay-Put Foam Solid Foundation Base: The mattresses’ bottom is reinforced with supporting memory foam at the bottom. This porous foam also allows for enhanced airflow so you can stay cool at night.

Since these are hybrid mattresses, you will benefit from the support of the coil core, while still getting a comfortable, softer feel thanks to the multiple foam layers.

When it comes to the firmness of these mattresses, they both rate at about a 6-6.5 on the firmness scale (with 10 being the most firm). This is slightly on the firmer side, but it appears to be favored by the majority of people.

As mentioned, the motion transfer in both the DreamCloud and DreamCloud Premier is excellent, thanks to the combination of individually-wrapped coils as well as memory foam. Even if your partner is tossing and turning all night, your sleep likely won’t be disturbed. As expected, the coil layer also helps keep the bed cooler at night, allowing air to flow in and out through the coils.


The DreamCloud and DreamCloud Premier covers are unique. The cover is made from a cashmere polyester blend, giving it a soothingly soft touch. This really is one of the better features of the mattress that really gives you that high-quality, luxury touch.


DreamCloud has one of the longest trial periods in the industry, allowing you to test the mattress for a whole year. Their warranty is also unparalleled as it is offered for life. DreamCloud’s Everlong warranty covers all potential manufacturing defects for the original mattress owner forever. DreamCloud also offers “White Glove Delivery” for an additional charge, if you want them to set up your new mattress and remove the old one.

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