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Casper mattresses, including hybrid and all-foam models, balancing cooling comfort and ergonomic support to provide rejuvenating rest.

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Casper Mattress Review


Since launching in 2014, Casper has grown into one of the leading bed-in-a-box brands in the United States. They offer a collection of all-foam and hybrid mattresses, including the Original (available in all-foam or hybrid), the Nova Hybrid, and the Wave Hybrid. All Casper mattresses are equipped with cooling features to ensure a refreshing sleep experience, as well as zoned support to relieve pressure and promote spinal alignment.

The Original mattress is Casper’s most basic and most popular model. It is available as either an all-foam or hybrid mattress. The all-foam version features a medium-firm comfort level, while the hybrid model is slightly less firm.

The Nova Hybrid is Casper’s mid-range mattress, equipped with enhanced zoned support, added plushness, and increased airflow.

The Wave Hybrid is the most advanced and supportive mattress from Casper. Three layers of ventilated foam help wick away heat, while gel pods provide maximum pressure relief and support.

In addition to their top-rated mattresses, Casper also boasts attentive, award-winning support and is socially engaged. By partnering with charities, using recycled materials, and donating returned mattresses, Casper demonstrates their commitment to the community and the planet.

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Each Casper mattress has a unique construction of premium foams and, in the case of hybrid mattresses, premium encased coils. The Original mattress is comprised of three layers and has a height of 11 inches.

  • Airscape Foam – This top layer of poly foam circulates air to prevent overheating and conforms to the body to relieve pressure
  • Zoned Support Layer – Memory foam with three support zones is soft under the shoulders and firm around the hips, waist, and lower back
  • Durable Base (All-foam model) – High-density poly foam prevents sagging and sinking in
  • Edge Support Base & CoilLayer (Hybrid model) – Individually wrapped coils offer responsive support to pressure points and limit motion transfer. They are surrounded by a stable wall of dense foam, which offers strong edge support to make getting in and out of bed easy.

The Nova Hybrid features four layers and has a height of 12 inches.

  • Plush Airscape Foam – this polyurethane layer provides a plush, cloudlike sleep surface and air vents to pulls heat away from the body and push it out of the mattress
  • Second Airscape Layer – another poly foam layer with three ergonomic zones supports the spine, while extra perforations allow for even better heat regulation
  • Zoned SupportPro – features seven support zones for specialized relief in the body’s high-pressure zones
  • Edge Support Base & Coil Layer – in addition to providing adaptive support, this base layer offers a sturdy foundation for the mattress to ensure long-lasting quality and durability

Lastly, the Wave Hybrid has five layers and measures 13 inches.

  • Airscape Foam with Cooling Gel Top Layer – perforated polyurethane foam covered with a thin layer of cooling gel for even more refreshing sleep
  • Second Airscape Layer – made of perforated latex, which is naturally cooling and responsive to conform to your body’s curves and distribute weight evenly
  • Third Airscape Layer – made of zoned, perforated memory foam that caters to the shoulders, lumbar region, and legs
  • Zoned Support Max with Gel Pods – this poly foam support layer encourages advanced spinal alignment and includes gel pods under the waist and lower back for extra support
  • Edge Support Base & CoilLayer – encased pocket springs relieve pressure points, while a dense poly foam border provides edge support

All of the foams in Casper mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, which means they are free of harsh chemicals, ozone depleters, and low in VOCs.

The all-foam Original mattress is Casper’s firmest mattress with a medium-firm comfort level, which is ideal for stomach, back, and combination sleepers. Side sleepers, however, may prefer any of Casper’s hybrid models, which offer more plush comfort and better support for pressure points in the shoulders and hips. For the most plush mattress, choose the Wave Hybrid, which ranks about a 4.5/10 on the firmness scale.

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Casper mattress covers are made of a blend of recycled polyester, upcycled cotton, rayon, and lycra. Each mattress model features a different knit pattern, but they all provide a taut, soft sleep surface. They are also unzippable, removable, and stretchy so that it is easy to put back on after washing.


Every purchase of a Casper mattress comes with a 100-night free trial, a 10-year warranty, and free shipping to the continental United States. White glove delivery and shipping to Hawaii and Alaska are also available for a fee.

One of the reasons Casper is so popular among consumers is because they place a strong emphasis on customer service. They provide friendly, accommodating, and attentive customer support around the clock and have an impactful social media presence. Many customers also appreciate Casper’s dedication to the community and the environment. Casper donates mattresses, bedding, and other sleep accessories to people in need and provides bedding recycling points at all of their brick and mortar locations.

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