The Global market offers many products and services online on behalf of many different brands. The increase in the number of brands, offers and information, makes it harder and harder to filter the applicable and reliable information and make an informed decision.

Our websites includes reviews and comparison features of certain products and services provided by different brands and service providers we engage with.

There are a few aspects we take into consideration when we rate and score a specific offer or services, including our own subjective evaluation, and also the consideration we receive from these brands, as well as their popularity (which we find to be indicated from the conversion rates), all as detailed below:

User’s feedback, brands’ reputation and conversion rates

We encourage our users to provide with comments, personal experience and knowledge on the presented brands and services. We take our user's feedback and experience with great importance. When we rate the brands, services and offers, we take into consideration our user's feedback as well as other users’ feedbacks and testimonials posted online. We use the reviews and ratings in order to better understand the popularity and quality of the brand and services.

We use industry known practices to measure “conversion rates”, meaning, the number of users who visit the brand's website, and the number of users who have engaged with the brand (for example, purchased a product). We believe that the conversion rate is a great way to understand the popularity and value of each brand and the quality of its offers and services, therefore our rating is influenced also from the conversion rate.

Our team’s review

Our team researches, evaluates, and compares the key elements of each brand, offer, and service prior to displaying it.

Pricing and other features

Every product and service offer different features: common, essential, good to have, etc. As part of our comparison and rating process, we evaluate and compare each of the service or product’s features. Where applicable, we will also consider the price offered for a similar service.

Advertising Fees

All of the brands we present in our website have a business relationship with us. This means that we receive consideration whenever one of our users decides to connect, sign up or purchase a service or product from a brand.

Our websites include comparison tables, ranking and scoring charts. The placement of a specific brand in such comparison features and the ranking and scoring presented therein is also based on the consideration we receive from such brands. The scoring we assign are based on the rating and ranking.

Our reviews are always honest, and we are always honest, and we are making efforts to provide applicable and up to date information. However, note that we are only the provider of the informative website, and we are not providing the actual service or product you are interested in. You should rely on several sources of information, and specifically, the full information that will be provided by the brand itself.

Please note that, we do not review nor compare all similar services and products, brands and offers available in the market.