Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020 – Best Mattresses Sales

If you love shopping, you are indeed excited that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are around the corner! You can use this holiday time to buy that new mattress you’ve wanted for a while. Mattresses are an integral part of everyone’s lives because they ensure you get the rest and comfort you need.

In 2020, Black Friday will be on November 27th, while Cyber Monday is scheduled for November 30th. The good news is that many mattress companies have already revealed their discounts for these holidays. Here is an overview of the best offers so that you can act on time and place an order for the desired product today!

Saatva – $200 OFF Orders of $1000+

The engineers at Saatva worked hard to find the perfect combination of layers for their mattresses. That is the secret of the brand’s popularity – they took care of every detail. Each mattress contains more than 800 coils for minimum movement transfer and maximum durability. You get exceptional spine support and an organic cotton cover with anti-microbial characteristics.

Saatva mattresses are suitable for all sleeper types, and that’s not an exaggeration. The secret lies in offering three firmness levels. You can choose from a firm mattress (8) for maximum support, the standard medium-firm (5-7) option, and the plush-soft (3) unit for all those who prefer a cushiony feel.

OFFER: Saatva offers the so-called Get Cozy Sale with a tempting deal available right now. If you place an order worth more than $1,000, you will receive $200 off. That means your discount can be just around 20%, and that is an attractive offer. Saatva believes in its mattresses, which is why you get a 180-day trial. It gives you six months to test and confirm the product is for you. The company will deliver and install the product for free while removing the old mattress at no additional cost.

Flash Sale: $200 OFF!!! orders of $1000+
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Nectar – $399 of FREE Gifts with Mattress Order!

Nectar is a premium brand that offers two different mattress options – Standard and Lush. The traditional mattress includes five layers, including a generous quantity of gel memory foam. The foam is temperature-sensitive, which means you won’t feel hot, and it also adapts to the body for optimal comfort. Users can expect a transition layer to ensure support, especially in moments when you lie on the bed.

The Lush version offers a twelve-inch mattress for ultimate comfort and durability. It has the same firmness level as the Standard unit, which puts it in the medium-firm category (6.5). The premium fibers in the cover ensure optimal breathability, and that guarantees the temperature remains optimal at all times.

OFFER: If you order a mattress from Nectar, they will include an entire set of free accessories. You will receive a couple of premium pillows and a set of sheets. The package also includes a mattress protector, which will extend the product’s longevity. If you do the math, the total value of these products is $399! That literally means that it’s on you to buy the mattress, and Nectar delivers everything else. The company also offers a 365-night free trial, and you have an entire year to see if the mattress fits your preferences.

Hot Sale: $399 OFF & 3 FREE Gifts!
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Puffy – $300 OFF + FREE Pillow

Puffy describes its mattresses as “America’s most comfortable.” It comes down to preference, but there is no doubt this manufacturer makes high-quality products. The standard Puffy Mattress is ten inches high and includes three layers for added comfort. Thanks to the hypoallergenic cover, you don’t need to worry about dust mites and irritation while sleeping. The firmness of this mattress is between six and eight, which means it is medium-firm.

As for the Puffy Lux Mattress, it is a bit softer (5-7 rating), which puts it among medium-plush mattresses. This product is a bit more expensive, but it comes with four layers. The firm core support provides the required stability, while the dual cloud foam minimizes strain from pressure points.

OFFER: At this moment, Puffy has an active Fall Sale that you can use. The proposal involves getting $300 off from the mattress you order plus a free pillow. This is a great deal because you can save significant money when purchasing a mattress. Adding a free pillow is a nice touch from the manufacturer because it sweetens up the offer even more. Puffy offers free shipping of its mattresses via FedEx, and you also get a 101-night sleep trial. That means you will have more than three months to determine if the product is the right choice.

$300 OFF + A FREE Pillow
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Cocoon – 25% OFF All Mattresses + Free Pillows and Sheets

Cocoon has a flagship product called the Chill Mattress. A significant benefit is that its surface is cool to the touch. That is because of the unique material used by the manufacturer, but it is not the only advantage of this mattress.

The durable support layers will ensure maximum durability and offer adequate support. Apart from the support, there is also a comfort layer focus on ensuring that you stay comfortable throughout the night. You can choose between a medium-soft mattress (3-8) and an extra-firm unit (8-10). The latter is one of the firmest available on the market. It is perfect for those sleeping on their back, and people recommended a firm sleeping surface by their doctors.

OFFER: Cocoon secured a generous offer for all its users. For starters, they will give you a 25% off on all mattresses that you purchase. To sweeten the deal, you will receive a free pillow and sheet set. The sheets and pillows are of premium quality and have a total worth of $179. That means the total deal value is up to $485. In our book, those are generous savings! As a bonus, Cocoon secures a 100-night mattress trial and free shipping. During the trial, you can return the mattress if you don’t find it to be the right fit.

35% OFF + FREE Pillows & Sheets
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As you can see, mattress manufacturers have exciting deals throughout the entire year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are popular shopping holidays, and there is no doubt you can expect exciting discounts during that time. If you don’t want to wait, we selected the brands that already have excellent deals on their mattresses. Check out this article, and don’t hesitate to pick your favorite and place your order today!

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Hot Sale: $399 OFF & 3 FREE Gifts!
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Flash Sale: $200 OFF!!! orders of $1000+
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Sale: $200 OFF + 3 FREE Gifts!
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